Master of Music in Digital Arts and Sound Design (M.M.)

The M.M. in Digital Arts and Sound Design degree provides students with the opportunity to develop advanced compositional skills in digital music and arts. The thesis project for this degree will consist of a major work composed in the areas of digital music, sound installation or multimedia. 

The mission of the Master of Music degree in Digital Arts and Sound Design is:

  • To provide the highest quality and most current educational and creative environment for work relating to the creation and understanding of digital music;
  • To foster advancement in composition, research, and performance of digital music;
  • To provide students with advanced work in the field of digital music composition and sound design and thus enabling a career in scholarly or professional pursuit of music;
  • To substantially contribute to the Frost School of Music's role as a regional, national, and international nexus for the creation and understanding of music.

The Frost School of Music is equipped with a number of state-of-the art music technology studios which are available to the students. The DASD students are encouraged to take advantage of collaborating with the students and faculty from other disciplines. In addition to on-campus opportunities, we have set up a network of relationships with major music, technology and art institutions in Miami, which the students are encouraged to explore. Interactive multimodal installations driven by sensor technologies, techno-human performances, electronic music ensemble events and outdoor public sonic experiences exemplify the program's focus on artistic exploration of new technologies. In addition to their work with the faculty, the students interact with the visiting artists that in the past included Jonty Harrison, Laurie Anderson, Mason Bates Pamela Z, Jaroslav Kapuscinski and Mari Kimura to name a few.

To apply, the student must submit a Graduate Composition Portfolio of original electroacoustic and/or multimedia works. The portfolio should include items such as sound recordings, videos, programming examples and any other related documentation.

After review of the portfolios, finalists will be invited to do an on-campus interview. Teaching Assistantships are available to highly competitive applicants. To be considered, the student must interview with the department faculty. 

Deadline: December 1, 2017

Program Contact: Juraj Kojs at

For more information regarding curriculum, please visit the Academic Bulletin.