About Us

Known for its aesthetic diversity and openness to the ever-changing and progressive world of composition, the Frost School of Music’s Department of Composition and Theory has a long tradition of distinguished faculty and students.

We believe that for student composers to have something to contribute to society and to become distinctive it is essential that they have a deep understanding of music, culture, and the products of the highest forms of human intellectual achievement. While there is no possible way to predict what the career paths in music will be in the future our mission is to provide students with enough breadth so that they are able to adjust to whatever new musical pathways that emerge or that open up and enough depth that they are able to develop a unique style of quality.

In addition to its distinctive composition faculty is the unique and warm community that exists between the composers and our exceptional performers. When students are graduated, they leave with profound and lasting relationships with conductors and performers that create the opportunities and career paths needed in the world of composition.